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Your Pip Boy

This is a Pip Boy. The Pip Boy is were you can change your outfit and all your weapons.And if your health is low your can eat or use medicine to heal you. You got your Pip Boy at your 1oth birthday.

Entering the vault

Welcome to the vault. The vault were made to protect us from the radioactive waste that covered the U.S. The vaults were made for use not to leave, but people do.  The vault is hidden beneath the vault keepers office. Go out of the vault and there is no going back. Vault keepers words ” We’re born in the vault, and we die in the vault.”

Adapting to the outside world

When going out of the vault cover your eyes so they can adjust to the light. Be careful what water or food you drink or eat because it may have radiation poisoning. Watch out for mutated creatures during travel.


Welcome to my Fallout 3 blog. This blog will list cheats for the game, walkthroughs, and many other things too. One of the thing that we will talk about is how to use your Pip boy, a little device that allows you to choose your weapons and armor. Another thing is how to survive outside of the vault. Stay out of  the radioactive  waste kids.